It’s Net Time!

ATV Hams Check-in on the ATN Weekly Net in Southern California!

Hams from around the region, country, and the world have marked their calendars to remind them as each Wednesday at 0330 UTC, or Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm pacific standard time to participate in the Amateur Television Network’s (ATN) weekly nets.  Hosted by Roland Hoffman – KC6JPG, Roland puts on a show as our ATV celebrity stars checks in to the net.  “It certainly is a lot of fun getting our ATV community together for our weekly nets.”, says Roland.  “It is a great way to for our ATV operators to test out their equipment and check-in with everyone within our ATN community.”, continued Roland.

A broadcast engineer by trade, Roland got involved with ATV in 1993.  “It was by accident.  I heard that an ATV repeater in the Southern California area was retransmitting NASA select during the space shuttle missions.  I purchased a down-converter and a loop beam antenna on November of 1993 so I can watch the missions.”  Hoffman continues, “I mounted my beam antenna to point at Mt. Wilson.  When I turned on my downconverter and TV monitor, I saw a guy in a rocking chair!”  As his curiosity got the better of him, Roland discovered that the rocking chair guy is transmitting from another ATV repeater.   “After looking at my repeater directory, Santiago Peak is another repeater in my area.”, says Hoffman.  Roland returned to his roof to move his beam antenna to Santiago Peak and received a perfect (P5) picture of the WA6SVT (now W6ATN) Santiago Peak repeater.  After meeting “Rocking Chair Dave” with his 2 meter radio, Dave encourage him that he had to get a transmitter.  In January, 1994 was a day in history as Roland installed his ATV transmit station . . . and he was hooked ever since.

Roland upgraded his ATV station recently to transmit digital DVB-T technology to Santiago Peak.  He also upgraded his production studio with digital video switching software and distribution equipment.  “I am very honored to stream the W6ATN Santiago Peak repeater system to the BATC’s Flash Server system so other Hams from around the world can watch our active network.”, added Roland.  Santiago Peak serves as the hub of the ATN system.  Other repeaters within the ATN system are linked to Santiago Peak, including the Santa Barbara repeater, Oat Mountain, Mt. Wilson, Jobs Peak, Snow Peak, Ord Mountain, and Mt. Potosi in the Las Vegas area.  Arizona ATN system to be linked in the near future.  “We have the technology to link up any repeater system using IP video technology so ATV’ers from other systems from around the world can participate and check in on our nets.” Roland continues, “I am very blessed to have a great support group within our net control team.  Roger – WB6HMW, Mark – W6MAF, and Rocking Chair Dave – KA6DPS are all fabulous and ready to run the net if I am not able to be there.”

After the preamble, Roland will announce any bulletins or announcement for the week.  Then our check-ins commences as ATV’ers will check in by their designated repeaters systems.  After check-ins, Amateur Radio Newsline, hosted by Don Wilbanks – AE5DW will run, followed by BATC chatroom check-ins, then voice check-in’s via voice radios on 2 meters, 220, and 1.2.  After the check-in’s are completed, the official net will close and a “video of the week” will play out to end our weekly nets.

Check us out each Wednesday at 0330 UTC or 7:30pm pacific standard time (0230 UTC or 7:30pm pacific daylight time) and be a part of our special ATV community for the Amateur Television Networks weekly net.